Black Liquid Drop, Death Valley Girls, L.A. Witch @ Hotel Vegas

By the time I arrived at the infamous Hotel Vegas (Hotel Hot Burrito) , Black Liquid Drop was well into their set. This band totally has the Psych-Rock thing going on. These guys can throw down some really cool jams that flutter with heavy guitar riffs, long drawn out distortion covered by a light touch of Synth. Totally satisfying my  taste of loud and great vibes.

It is always a special treat to see bands I’ve discovered on the internet and have been streaming online for a while.  Death Valley Girls put on a great  Rock N’ Roll show that included bad ass sexy vocals, awesome guitar riffs and great stage personas.  A broken guitar didn’t even  phase the bands performance and I loved every second!

L.A. Witch, yes please!  In case you don’t  know, I have a weakness for women in Rock. Women are just better at it, sorry guys… Anyway… L.A. Witch fuckin’ rocked it hard. Sade Sanchez’s haunting vocals and the bluesy rhythmic sound the trio (Irita Pai, Ellie English) sinks into, seems to put a spell on you. I am still totally stoked I caught them live! I think I fell deeper in love with these bands on Wednesday. 😛

Toward the end of the night I approached some members of Death Valley Girls which always makes for an awkward conversation. I never really know what to say to bands except for “You guys are awesome”, LAME. Although I did have a great chat with members of L.A. Witch and Death Valley Girls thanks to my back up support Monica Marler, Nehemiah Pitts and Greg Ackerman. It helped that the bands played a show in El Paso on their way to Austin, which provided something to talk about, especially when the conversation was about coolest dude in E.P.,  Leo Lara (Chief) @ The Monarch Bar.

Till next show !


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