Interview with The Division Men

The Coathangers @ Collide, ATX

The Coathangers are a punk based trio out of Atlanta, GA.  In support of their follow up album Nose Bleed Weekend they played at Barracuda to a packed house on February 12th which I unfortunately missed. But all turned out for the better on February 11th and they played an unplugged set at Collide.​  ...continue
The Division Men are a husband and wife duo, Caroline and Jesus Portillo, whose musical experiences bring a unique originality to their art form, not only musically but visually as well. A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to interview The Division Men while putting their finishing touches on their new album due out in early 2018.  Although the tour was interrupted by life's unforeseen circumstances, plans for touring to promote their new album will continue in the spring of 2018.
Check out the video interview with The Division Men as we talk about their music, collaborations, inspirations and tour.
Live Videos from Cheer-up Charlie's
Talk about late reviews and postings, but here is a blast of awesome shows that you might have missed!

Absctact Class

Music Video of the Week

Sweet Spirit - "The Mighty"


Yes it is true, El Paso invaded Austin with it’s special forces and gave everyone some much needed Nalgadas!
Not to mention that Sluur left everyone shoegazed till there was nothing left but a Lake of Fire!
Ladies and gents, Sluur is one of my favorite live bands with a shoegazey feel that has a touch of that post punk groove. Their sound sinks into my soul leaving me mesmerized and feeling pretty chill.
Check out Sluur’s release, Choice, is available on Bandcamp.   ... continue
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