The Coathangers - Unplugged

The coathangers are a punk based trio out of Atlanta, GA. I heard about The Coathangers off of a Burger Records comp (Which has a at least 100 bands) and was instantly in love. I picked up their 2011 Larceny & Old Lace album on Suicide Squeeze and was astonished by the way the album flowed. They have also collaborated with Davila666 and released an EP called No Crees Que Ya Cansa (Suicide Squeeze), with the song by the same name, which can also be found Bandcamp. 
Their follow up album Nose Bleed Weekend is a masterpiece in itself.   ...continue

Technical difficulties are a part of life for all bands especially when on stage. Bands may prepare for the best show in their lives but when it comes down to it, the real test is when they perform live. Most of the time the crowd does not even notice which makes the show more memorable.
Side note: To add to the memories it was a week before my birthday and with the help of Sonya Hernandez we downed a substantial amount of whiskey ...continue

Spacetime is a tangled web of a four dimensional continuum. I can’t seem to keep track at what speed anything is traveling. I suppose it is all an illusion and I am mesmerized by its   ... continue

Yes it is true, El Paso invaded Austin with it’s special forces and gave everyone some much needed Nalgadas!
Not to mention that Sluur left everyone shoegazed till there was nothing left but a Lake of Fire!
Ladies and gents, Sluur is one of my favorite live bands with a shoegazey feel that has a touch of that post punk groove. Their sound sinks into my soul leaving me mesmerized and feeling pretty chill.
Check out Sluur’s release, Choice, is available on Bandcamp.   ... continue
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 2016 Levitation Cancellation Consolation Party ~ Kingdom of the Holy Sun, Death Valley Girls

This weekends Levitation festivities were cancelled due to safety concerns regarding our most wonderful and ever changing Texas weather.  Although the nuclear option was used on Levitation,​ ...continue ​​

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