Goat – World Music

The ancient tale states that a witch doctor pariah and her small band of followers were led by way of prophecy into a northern Swedish village where they instilled the power of voodoo into the souls of the townspeople. There Voodoo flourished for centuries until Crusaders discovered the secret of their worship and burnt the villagers alive in their homes. Among the ashes a curse settled upon the land. Today the area is known as the Korpilombolo locality of Sweden, and the embers still burn there.

As evidence we introduce the music collective known sacrificially as Goat. Rocket Recordings released Goat’s debut LP just last month, entitled World Music the LP is a poppet personified with the music of clashing spiritualities. Every sound from it cyclones into séance; The bare rhythmic percussion, the retching fuzz and organ, the calls of the chantress all resurrect the most sacred tribal music of the 60’s, 70’s, and deeper. Krautrock, Raja, Afrobeat, Prog, Disco Funk, Protopunk, Psych all reform under Goat’s seduction, and subsequently does ones own body under their spell. This is revival music as a ritual resurrection conjured to make you stalk the dance floor like a feeding lot. Lose yourself in its voodoo.

World Music is a nine track LP, it will be one of the best you’ll find this year. See Rocket Recordings for more. Listen to ‘Goatman’ below.