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Blast Off! 21

It’z Glitz Sugar The Splits Don’t Fear Thee Rain Cats Kenya The Middle Class Body and Soul La Luz Call Me in the Day The Meridian Brothers La Gitana Me Ha Dejado  (Salsa Electronica) Spectral Park L’appel du Vide Suuns Minor Work Amen Dunes Ethio Song The Residents Yellow Marro Ju Soul a million miles …

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Cosmic Influence

I had a friend once ask me to write a music review for his blog.  He also told me to include a little about myself to give the piece more legitimacy. So here is an article years later about the making of the Mike Cosmic. Music is something that I have obsessed about since I …

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Blast Off! 20

Warm Soda Reaction  Courtney n’ the Crushers  Burnside Street Radiator Hospital Dead as Dreams The Erries Home Alone Peace Your Hand In Mine Burnt Friedman Zen’Aku THEESATISFACTION QueenS Shabazz Palaces Blastit… Bob Holyday Fool Me [Twice] Gil Scott-Heron & Jaime xx NY Is Killing Me Blue Jungle Tear Drops We Are Trees Teenage Heartbreak Twin …

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Stream: The UFO Club – S/T LP

The UFO Club is a collaborative project between Christian Bland of The Black Angels and Lee Blackwell of the Night Beats. Fans of psych, doo wop and 50’s rock & roll will rejoice at the release of the duo’s 11 track self titled LP.  Stand out tracks include “July”, “Chapel”, the homage “Bo Diddley was the 7th …

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Stream: Dum Dum Girls – End Of Daze EP

On September 25th Subpop releases the dreamy five track End Of Daze EP by the Dum Dum Girls. You can pre-order it here. Until it pops up in your mailbox you can stream the EP via Soundcloud:

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