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Natural Child

Natural Child- If The Rolling Stones had an illegitimate band child born between “Let It Bleed” and “Sticky Fingers” , Natural Child would be that band. Natural Child brings that old school blues rock with a southern country touch to it. Their performance at Mohawks really did put a spell on the crowd especially when …

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Gal Pals !

Gal Pals- I like to discover new bands that have an instant grove and get me moving! According to Guitarist/Vocalist Lauren Mikus, this was Gal Pals second show, there was no way I would have never have been able to tell! Gal Pals are a Drum / Guitar / Vocals Punkish Indie band with a static …

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Burger Records & Burger City bring you Burgermania! @ The Spider House, SXSW 2012 , Part (1 of 3)

Holy shit! Where to even start with this festival of festivals. Burgermania brought you some of the most awesome bands to date. With over 60 bands,  6 stages and actual Burgers, Burgermania went off with out a hitch! There were so many bands that it was pretty difficult in deciding who to watch, while trying …

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MC Homeless, Brzowski @ Frontier Bar, SXSW 2012

Started out with some more rhymes on Friday the 16th at the Frontier Bar.  The playlist was a little wacked out but got to see some talent and that’s what counts! Check out their facebook pages for some tracks! MC Homeless  |  Brzowski   Jack Tripper Swag (Produced by Christopher Allen Smith) by MC Homeless, …

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Whetstone Audio Blog

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