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Obscured by Echoes & Casual Strangers @ 29th Street Ballroom

Thursday night was a Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Gothic, Post Punk type of show.  It was my first time checking out these bands.  I had a great time talking to members of Casual Strangers. Overall, it was a pretty good show! Obscured by Echoes / Facebook Casual Strangers / Facebook

The Wolf

The Wolf – Fuck Yes! Is the first word that comes to mind when I heard THE WOLF! Instantly hooked and wanting more. It’s like a wall of groove that hits your ears and trickles into your brain filling up that music part with endorphins. The wolf is composed of six members that really get …

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Gal Pals !

Gal Pals- I like to discover new bands that have an instant grove and get me moving! According to Guitarist/Vocalist Lauren Mikus, this was Gal Pals second show, there was no way I would have never have been able to tell! Gal Pals are a Drum / Guitar / Vocals Punkish Indie band with a static …

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