Lowin, Riders Against The Storm @ Float Fest 2016

Lowin, Riders Against The Storm @ Float Fest 2016

Seems like I am always trying to catch up on all the cool and awesome music that keeps on rolling in.  So here is one of couple of blitz posts that should bring us back up to speed.

Lowin –  members Sara Houser, Chris DeGeorge, Michael David Sanders and Nathan Ribner put on a great show. This band’s sound is tight, energetic and compliments Sara Houser’s magnificent vocals. I would love to catch Lowin on a smaller venue but watching them at Float Fest was a ton of fun. Super happy I got to see them!

Riders Against The Storm – What can I say about this group but that they are fucking great! Wow! Energetic, awesome musicianship that connects with the audience. I had a chance to hang out with Qi Dada(vocals) for a couple of minutes before she took the stage, she is a super cool lady with a ton of talent, what am I saying they are all talented!

I recommend watching out for any of these groups and you won’t be disappointed.


Lowin  .   Facebook

Riders Against the Storm    .    Facebook

Interview with Lunas by Carleigh Venus

Interview with Lunas by Carleigh Venus

Interviewed by Carleigh Venus
Produced by Jaz Meza



(2016) Interview by Carleigh Venus, Video Production by Jaz Meza

The March Divide – On Tour

The March Divide to release latest EP, launch fall tour in Austin on Nov. 4th. “Bribing Jace” follows-up three LP, three EP releases in three years.

San Antonio-based Jared Putnam joins Garrett Klahn of Texas Is The Reason as support on trio of dates, New “I Might” single streaming now.

Jared Putnam of The March Divide as photographed by Greg Gabrisch

Photographed by Greg Gabrisch

Photographed by Greg Gabrisch

The March Divide – Live

11/10 Anaheim, CA @ World Famous Doll Hut Solo acoustic, 7PM

11/12 Long Beach, CA @ The Prospector

11/13 Reno, NV @ Spectre Records

11/14 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Dawg Pound w/ Paint The Woods, The Wicked Notions, 21+, 8PM

11/15 Elko, NV @ DLC Gallery Bar

11/17 Albuquerque, NM @ Low Spirits

11/18 Lubbock, TX @ Depot Obar

11/19 Austin, TX @ House Show E-mail info@themarchdivide.com for in


The March Divide – In The Press

“Impressively hooky.” – American Songwriter

“Catchy hooks and memorable lines.” – Innocent Words

“A lovely surprise.” – Independent Clauses

Big Star-informed, strummy acoustic reverie.” – BLURT

“Completely clever.” – Performer

“Gifted with a serious set of pipes.” – The Aquarian

“Quality pop at its best.” – Popdose

“All about lyrics and melodies.” – Babysue


The March Divide launches a fall tour in Austin on Nov. 4th. Hear “I Might” from the “Bribing Jace” EP via Austin Town Hall or at the links below!

[STREAM]: https://soundcloud.com/fanaticpro/the-march-divide-i-might

[MP3]: http://www.fanaticpromotion.com/projects/themarchdivide-bribingjace/mp3/the-march-divide-i-might.mp3


San Antonio, TX – Jared Putnam, the main man behind the The March Divide, will launch a string of fall tour dates in Austin, Texas on Friday, November 4th, the same day he releases the five-song “Bribing Jace,” which represents the prolific songwriter’s fourth EP, in addition three full-length releases, in just over three years.

Saturdays, the most recent album by The March Divide album, arrived in May, 2016.  The upcoming run of dates will take Putnam throughout Texas (including shows with Texas Is The Reason’s, Garrett Klahn) and out west to California.

“There’s an untapped type of pop music that I’ve been on a quest to make,” Putnam says, explaining the sound of “Bribing Jace,” and going on to further describe it as, “not redefined, just redesigned.” Putnamcontinues, saying, “While I’ve never really been willing to sacrifice a song to an experiment, I went as close to all-in as I could this time. Chasing this white whale was a lot of fun!”

“Bribing Jace” contains three songs recorded during the Saturdayssessions that Putnam loved, but felt didn’t quite fit the feel of the album, and two brand-new tracks, including the single, “I Might.”

‘I Might’ is a very different song for me,” Putnam says. “When I initially came up with the riff, I had several changes that worked, but for whatever reason, just playing that one riff over and over was the thing that felt right.” Listen to “I Might” from “Bribing Jace” via Austin Town Hall now.

“Bribing Jace,” the latest EP from The March Divide arrives on Nov. 4th, 2016. It is available for pre-order here. Saturdays, the latest album from The March Divide is out now. Jared Putnam is available for interviews.  Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.

The March Divide – “Bribing Jace” EP

(S/R – Nov. 4th, 2016)

Track Listing:

  1. That Song I Wrote For You
  2. It’s Easy
  3. Here I Go Again
  4. Push My Luck
  5. I Might (STREAM | MP3)

Bribing Chase 

The March Divide – Saturdays

(S/R – Out Now)


Track Listing:

  1. Exit Signs (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
  2. What Will I Do
  3. Take Me Out
  4. Take Your Chances
  5. Who Are You (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
  6. I Give Up
  7. Kathrine Loves The Fall
  8. Go To Sleep (STREAM | MP3 | VIDEO)
  9. I Don’t Recall
  10. Because I Wanted To
  11. This Infatuation
  12. Over and Over
  13. Stacey
  14. This Argument


The March Divide Links



Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic Promotion




Information By: :http://fanaticpromotion.blogspot.com/2016/10/the-march-divide-to-release-latest-ep.html

Apache, Toko Ri Get High, The Dirty Novels, The Dozal Brothers @ The Brickhouse (2007)

Happy Sunday!

Here is some old footage of a show at The Brickhouse in El Paso, TX on 12.26.2007 with Apache, Toko Ri Get High (Members of Part Time), The Dirty Novels (Pablo Novelas), and The Dozal Brothers.

I am just warning you the audio is pretty bad!



Toko Ri Get High


The Dirty Novels


The Dozal Brothers

The Sour Notes, Hidden Ritual, and Kay Odyssey @ Hotel Vegas

July 29th, 2016 was a night for psychedelic lights, betrayed romance and drowning sound waves.



It’s been a couple of years since I have seen The Sour Notes. The last time was at a 2014 or 15 SXSW show. Festivals all seem to blend together after a while, with too many bands and not enough memory. It was cool to catch them at Hotel Vegas and like always, their performance was captivating. This band needs to be included in your repertoire of live bands.

The Sour Notes   .   Facebook

The Sour Notes

Picture by: Bill Oriani



One of my personal favorites, Hidden Ritual, never ceases to amaze me. The first time I heard of Hidden Ritual was off of a compilation on Bandcamp called Lo-Fi Compilation 2 from Valencia, Spain. I must have played that track for 3 days straight! Without knowing that they were from Austin, I met Jaime, and Ryan of Hidden Ritual at a backyard hangout at my friend Oliver’s (Horse Plus Donkey) house.  Hidden Ritual’s psych rock totally bridges gaps to the experimental side of music.

Hidden Ritual   .   Facebook


Kay Odyssey is like a mix of post punk aggression mixed with a touch of broken hearted fuck you’s. Kristina Boswell’s performance is mesmerizing along with the driving rhythms of Kelsey Wickliffe (bass) and Vajaja Valejo (drums) driving the heavy emotions. It is always cool to catch the one and only Liz Burrito on guitar, that girl just spills out toughness.

Kay Odyssey   .   Facebook

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