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Wonky Talk With Cedric Bixler-Zavala (2012) By Mikey More Or Less

The idea is fairly straight forward: I want to ask people that interest me, people that are movers and shakers in their respective fields of interest, questions that they wouldn’t normally get asked in a standard interview. I think asking non-standard questions lends a greater perspective on these people as people and as fans of their craft (I hope) and other interests… (keep reading)



Interviews with artists and music lovers by our most awesome Carleigh Venus, Mona Gender, Kitty Kat Star. and Malicia La Negra.


The Genders (2016) by Carleigh Venus

We Wander (2016) by Kitty Kat Star

Kikimora (2016) by Kitty Kat Star

The Soaks (2016) by Mona Gender


Peach Kelli Pop (2016) by Carleigh Venus

Audacity (2016) by Carleigh Venus

Death Valley Girls (2016) by Carleigh Venus

L.A. Witch (2016) by Carleigh Venus

Nalgadas (2014) by Mona Gender

Part Time (2014) by Malicia La Negra


Street Beat Melvin (2013) by Mona Gender

Pete Dio (2013) by Mona Gender

The Abominable Mex (2013) by Mike Cosmic

The Base Line Bums (2013) by Mona Gender

One8Seven (2012) by Mona Gender

Brink of Disaster (2012) by Mona Gender

David Smith (Davida Loca) (2012) by Mona Gender

The Beat Dolls (2012) by Mona Gender