The Coathangers – Unplugged @ Collide

The Coathangers – Unplugged 

The coathangers are a punk based trio out of Atlanta, GA. I heard about The Coathangers off of a Burger Records compilation (Which has  at least 100 bands) and I was instantly in love. I picked up their 2011 Larceny & Old Lace album on Suicide Squeeze and was astonished by the way the album flowed. They have also collaborated with Davila666 and released an EP called No Crees Que Ya Cansa (Suicide Squeeze), with the song by the same name, which can also be found Bandcamp. 

Their follow up album Nose Bleed Weekend is a masterpiece in itself. The album starts off with a song called Perfume which instantly sets the mood for the rest of the record. Nose Bleed Weekend is a perfect album that takes you on adventure filled with hell no’s, excuse me’s, and don’t need you at all’s. The album easily charts as one of my top of favorite albums. Nose Bleed Weekend is highly recommended and should be in your collection. 

The Coathangers played at Barracuda to a packed house on February 12th which I unfortunately missed. But all turned out for the better on February 11th and they played an unplugged set at Collide. Although the crowd was not as crazy as the night before, I got to hangout and talk to these awesome ladies! I could hardly contain my excitement, when I arrived at Collide. I approached them and asked them about their show the previous night and how they were feeling with such a small amount of sleep. They responded with;  The Austin show had great response from the audience and they loved that their were a lot of girls up in front. Good job Austin! They also said that they are use to 5 hours of sleep since they are on tour. After their performance I hungout with Meredith Franco (bass/vocals) who also let me keep their playlist. 🙂 Julia Kugel (guitar/vocals), and Stephanie Luke (drums/vocals) were super awesome and they even took a couple of selfies with me! Check out the bottom of this post. 


Check out their first acoustic set! Enjoy!

I also included their 2013 performance at Hotel Vegas.



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Selfies with The Coathangers at Collide!