Lola Tried, Levees, Megafauna, Otis the Destroyer

A night of killer performances and too much whiskey!

Technical difficulties are a part of life for all bands especially when on stage. Bands may prepare for the best show in their lives but when it comes down to it, the real test is when they perform live. Most of the time the crowd does not even notice which makes the show more memorable.

Side note: To add to the memories it was a week before my birthday and with the help of Sonya Hernandez we downed a substantial amount of whiskey. We later decided to take selfies with Lowin’s Sara Houser, Ottis the The Destroye’s Taylor Wilkins and Bassist, the infamous Ben Tipton and Megafauna’s Dani Neff and Winston Barrett . You can check out the pics at the bottom of this post. 😛


On December 9, 2016 Lola Tried (Lauren Burton) gave one of those memorable performances when her Telecaster busted a string but that did not keep her from jamming out without missing a beat! Then while on stage someone handed her a White SG guitar and she kept rocking out. I literally live for moments like this.

Check out Lauren’s perfectly awesome performance caught on video!


Lola Tried      .      Facebook    .    Bandcamp



Levees      .     Facebook   .    Bandcamp

Next up we have San Antonio’s Levees with their dark rock ambience. Levees grabbed that stage and made it their own. The video starts off with one of their hard rocking originals that led into their version of The Rolling Stones, Paint it Black.  They took Paint it Black which is already a dark song and transformed it into their own. I definitely need to catch these gentlemen again. 


Megafauna       .      Facebook    .    Bandcamp

If you have not heard of Magafauna by now, it is crucial that you go check them out live! Megafauna hits you in the face with guitar wailing perfection. In my opinion Dani Neff (Vocalist/Guitar Master) is one of the best guitarist out there, she shreds that guitar as if it is part of her body. Not only does she play some very intricate guitar, she does this while singing. Megafauna reminds me of that late 80’s underground post punk mixed in with metal. Everytime I catch this band they get better and better, their stage performance is energetic and magnificent to watch!


Otis the Destroyer      .     Facebook    .    Bandcamp

Last but not least we have Otis the Destroyer! Their name is a perfect fit for this band, it fits their hard rocking don’t give a fuck style.  Taylor and the gang put on a destroy your ears performance that energizes the crowd and makes you headbang! If you are ever in Austin this is one act you most definitely want to catch.



Ok as promised here are some pics of Sonya and I taking selfies with these awesome people!

Lowin (Sara Howser)

Dani Neff (Megafauna)

Otis the Destroyer (Taylor Wilkins)

Otis the Destroyer (Taylor Wilkins)

Megafauna Guitarist

Ben Tipton

Dani Neff (Megafauna)

Bass for Otis