Mobley, Shivery Shakes and MCG @ Spider House 20 Year Anniversary

Well It’s time to stop procrastinating and start posting some of the awesome performances.

Spiderhouse 20th Anniversary

Let’s start with one of Austin’s superb bands MCG.

Mariclaire Gamble, if you ever read this,you and the gentlemen (David Tenczar, Andrew Bennett, Drew SIlverman, Jay Cesak) are pretty dope! I don’t know if anyone uses that word anymore… anyway.. . Here is looking back at 2016.

MCG     .     Facebook    .   Official


While trying to get through the crowd from one stage to another, I was able to catch the last song from the Shivery Shakes. These gentlemen have been around for a bit and they never fail to give an energetic performance.

Shivery Shakes      .     Facebook    .   Bandcamp


Mobley is a multi instrumental genius whose beats, guitar riffs, and vocals are spot on. Mobley has so much going on throughout his performance, it’s insane. Without further delay, Mobley’s intro.

Mobley     .     Facebook    .     Official


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