Lowin, Riders Against The Storm @ Float Fest 2016

Lowin, Riders Against The Storm @ Float Fest 2016

Seems like I am always trying to catch up on all the cool and awesome music that keeps on rolling in.  So here is one of couple of blitz posts that should bring us back up to speed.

Lowin –  members Sara Houser, Chris DeGeorge, Michael David Sanders and Nathan Ribner put on a great show. This band’s sound is tight, energetic and compliments Sara Houser’s magnificent vocals. I would love to catch Lowin on a smaller venue but watching them at Float Fest was a ton of fun. Super happy I got to see them!

Riders Against The Storm – What can I say about this group but that they are fucking great! Wow! Energetic, awesome musicianship that connects with the audience. I had a chance to hang out with Qi Dada(vocals) for a couple of minutes before she took the stage, she is a super cool lady with a ton of talent, what am I saying they are all talented!

I recommend watching out for any of these groups and you won’t be disappointed.


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