Magna Carda and Tele Novella@ Solstice Fest 2016

Solstice Fest 2016 is a giant party held at Pan Am park and at various venues in Austin, TX. This year I caught a couple of awesome acts, Magna Carda at The Empire Control room, and Tele Novella at The Sahara Lounge.




Magna Carda is a Hip-Hop/Rap group with a ton of energy and super talented musicians that include complex guitar riffs, bumpin beats and lyrics that will blow your mind. Check out the video for proof of awesomeness!

Magna Carda   .   Facebook

I have been wanting to catch Tele Novella especially since I am a big fan of Natalie Ribbon’s (also member of Agent Ribbons) dreamy voice and finally caught their Psych-Indie-Pop sound at The Sahara Lounge.  And yes it made my dreams come and put a perfect end to my evening!

Tele Novella   .   Facebook