Those Poor Serfs @ Sekrit Theatre

To celebrate the EP release of the soulful-folk-bluesy band, Those Poor Serfs, Sound Dessert (Gillian Driscoll) put together a very intimate show at the very secret and beautiful, Sekrit Theatre. I felt super VIP to be a part of this unique performance since it was an unplugged version of The Poor Serfs set. The band put on such an awesome performance it has stayed embedded in my head to this day.

Those Poor Serfs hail from Austin, TX whose music has revived my soul. Their Facebook bio description is spot on and summarizes their musical style as,”Alt-Americana. Moonshine-soaked mandolin, homemade harmonies, and powerhouse vocals with a sweet twang-timbre.”

poor serfs small

Thank youSound Dessert for the invite!

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You can check out their performance from May @ The Sekrit Theatre. SUPER AWESOME!!!

Those Poor Serfs . Official