Pecan Fest 2016 ~ John Wesley Coleman, Wiretree, Cautiontape, ST37

Pecan Fest  is a downtown Austin celebration that happens twice a year during the spring and fall. It’s worth the lack of extra sleep on a Saturday or Sunday morning if you like festival style food, art, music and, of course, day drinking! The musical lineup put together by Ryan Cano (The Loyalty Firm) was pretty awesome!

Check out the Pecan Street Festival Talent Buyer Ryan Cano talks Austin music Interview on Examiner by Greg Ackerman for more about Pecan Fest Music!


John Wesley Coleman   .   Facebook

Saturday started with an Austin favorite the one and only, John Wesley Coleman and his bad ass crew.  This is the first time I have seen John Wesley Coleman so early in the day – usually it’s at dim venue like Hotel Vegas. Nevertheless, Coleman and his crew put on a great show and it made me feel right at home.

No indie overkill with a touch of garage rock.



Wiretree   .   Official

Wiretree, who initially was a solo project (according to Facebook), and who now incorporates more talent can really throw down some awesome tunes, I totally dig the indie pop style vibe. 




Cautiontape   .   Official

Formed out of  an inspirational moment at Barbarella’s and a chance encounter, Cautiontape seems to be on it with a super cool performance. Cautiontape is totally indie electronic, catchy, and it made me feel super good, look out for a new record sometime this summer.



ST37   .   Official

I love when I am listening to a band and then I start to realize that something awesome is happening! I had one of those moments on Saturday watching ST37. It was like a mid 80’s alternative/indie/psychadelic mess. I loved it!

Later in the day I had a chance to talk with drummer Lisa Cameron who apparently has played with Roky Erickson, the Lotions, Glass Eye, Squat Thrust, Three Day Stubble, Daniel Johnston, Moist Fist, and JSAS to name a few. (Austin Chronicle). We had a pretty cool conversation about how ST37 formed in ’87,  bands she played in, and how I thought ST37 was amazing! I live for moments like this and this encounter totally made my day! Yay for Rock!