Rotten Mangos, Megafauna, Future Death, Ringo Deathstarr @ Barracuda

Bands, bands, bands and more bands!

This was my first time at Austin’s re-established music venue, Barracuda. The new owners have spruced up the old Red7 by knocking down some walls and slapping some wood all over the place. The place feels a little less warehousy but I am still not a huge fan of the outside picnic prison yard. Maybe I am being too critical and I should really let these guys work their magic. Enough whining and let’s get to the show held on February the 16th. Sometimes it is good to go to a show and not really know who is playing, it makes for a much more interesting night and kills all expectations.

The Rotten Mangos- To be honest I did not really care for the name and sometimes that is pretty important. Well to my surprise they turned out to be not so rotten.  The Rotten Mangos are pretty tight and have that whole shoegaze, trippy, indie thing that will definitely get you grooving. Check out their bandcamp (therottenmangos.bandcamp.com/)

Megafauna-  Guitar awesomeness, Bass awesomeness, Drum awesomeness! I  have been following Megafauna for a little bit but I was not ready for  Dani Neff’s guitar skills! Not to say that Zack Humphrey (Drums) Will Krause (bass) are any less good. But you have to give it up for Dani Neff,  this trio spits out power!  Check out their bandcamp (megafaunamusic.bandcamp.com/)

Future Death- Punk in your pants! Yes please! This band just makes me happy and having a front woman that can belt it out is fucking awesome! You gotta catch Future Death because it’s your inevitability. Check out their (futuredeath.bandcamp.com/)

Ringo Deathstarr-  I really love this band who was introduced to me about 9 years ago by my buddy DBSalas(Sluur). Power, loudness and a wall of sound that just comes at you. They are almost like a Jesus and Mary Chain mixed in with twisted distortion. It is sooooo good! Check out their bandcamp (ringodeathstarr.bandcamp.com/)


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