Monthly Archive: December 2012

Nick Splint’s 2012 favorites: Albums

Open Your Heart – The Men Kill For Love – Chromatics World Music – Goat Previously reviewed here. Recomposed: Vavaldi Four Seasons – Max Richter Visions – Grimes awE naturalE -THEESatisfaction Put Your Back N 2 It – Perfume Genius America – Dan Deacon Transcendental Youth – The Mountain Goats

Nick Splint’s 2012 favorites: The Objects

This list of my most wanted physical albums released in 2012 veers off into the terrain of music as object. It’s a category most of us make room for on our shelves in the manifestation of a signed copy of this or a colored vinyl copy of that. Some of us even frame our album …

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Nick Splint’s 2012 favorites: Sacred Bones Records

By far my favorite label of 2012 is Sacred Bones Records. The label started up out of Brooklyn back in 2007 but it wasn’t until almost half way through this year that I began to really seek out their artists. It was all because of this: A label sampler put out for Record Store Day …

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Nick Splint’s 2012 favorites: Tributes

  The Cover Albums I know what your thinking. Albums chock-full of cover songs have long been a overlooked  fallout of big box culture. We have all seen them while browsing the cd aisle of various media outlet centers. Rod Stewart Plays The Standards, The String Quartet Tribute to A Perfect Circle, Kids Bop, etc, etc, ad infinitum. Why …

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Sunwolf ~ Beyond The Sun

Well over a month ago in October, I received an email form the band Sunwølf  out of Leeds, UK. They asked if I would review their upcoming album Beyond The Sun, OUT NOW.  Usually I have an album on my music player for a while before I can really make up my mind if it’s …

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