Heavy Cream, Mind Spiders Reviews by 230Publicity


Heavy Cream

Super Treatment

Infinity Cat – May 8th, 2012


Just when you were beginning to think the future of underground music belonged to MicroKorgs and looped nonsense,  Nashville’s Heavy Cream  are back with a new album to remind you that the two  and a half minute rock and roll blast is alive and well.The new album (recorded by Eric Bauer and Ty Segall in San Francisco) doesn’t have a song longer than three minutes, but every track on Super Treatment packs the garage punk punch Heavy Cream created on 2010’s Danny and then some.In between tours last year, the girls added Seth Sutton on bass (the mastermind behind Useless Easters) and Tiffany Minton on drums.  The result is a much tighter rhythm section, easily noticed in Tunnel Vision and TV Preachers.In fact, Super Treatment might be better titled the Segall Treatment with songs like ’79and Prison Shanks clear examples of the bands decision to soak their songs in distortion and fuzz.

If Super Treatment is any indication of what the future holds for Heavy Cream, don’t expect to catch them playing your neighborhood dive bar much longer.


Mind Spiders


Dirtnap – Feburary 21


2nd album from Mark Ryan’s (Marked Men, High Tension Wires) Mind Spiders, and it’s aMeltdown, alright. This is a very different beast from the s/t Mind Spiders LP released just 13 months ago. The most obvious difference is that while the s/t LP was recorded piecemeal, with Mark more-or-less playing all the instruments, Meltdown is the first Mind Spiders recordings to feature the full live band. And what a band it is: members of The Bad Sports, High Tension Wires, Marked Men, Uptown Bums, etc etc.The fact that there are 2 drummers (Mike from the Marked Men AND Greg from The High Tension Wires both play drums at the same time) gives a lot of these songs a rhythmic complexity that sets the songs apart from a lot of other “garagey” type bands.

Loosely organized like the first LP, with the more straightforward, rocking stuff on side A and the weird curveball stuff on side B, Meltdown, while remarkably cohesive, blends a lot of different elements: Great sounding guitar tones. Happy, warm organ. Mean, buzzing synth. 60’s pop sensibilities. Snotty garage rockers. Dark, brooding postpunk. Weirdo sci-fi soundtrack stuff. Nods to Krautrock. Oh, and did we mention there are 2 drummers?

Meltdown is definitely one of the high points in the Dirtnap catalog, and given our history with Mark Ryan, that is saying a lot. By our count, this is the 11th record we’ve released with him on it (1 Mind Spiders 7″ and 2 LPs, 3 High Tension Wires LPs, 4 Marked Men LPs and 1 7″), I guess you could say we here at Dirtnap are a fan.