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Blast Off! 07

King Tuff Animal Natural Child D.T.V. Testors Time Is Mine The Crash Street Kids Into You The Drums Submarine Audacity The last piece of Marijuana Memories Higher Summer Twins  I dont care The Zoltars Make it go away Joel Gion Control   Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Natural Child

Natural Child- If The Rolling Stones had an illegitimate band child born between “Let It Bleed” and “Sticky Fingers” , Natural Child would be that band. Natural Child brings that old school blues rock with a southern country touch to it. Their performance at Mohawks really did put a spell on the crowd especially when …

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Blast Off! 06

Siva G Black Wolf Howl Snow Cap The Well Trespass The Unseen Victims Brink Of Disaster What About John Henry Crusades Driven Boredom Lap Dance Of  Rats Cancer Bats Old Blood Social Disease Violent Affair Cat As Trophy Something’s Happening   Podcast: Play in new window | Download

The Beat Dolls (Interview by Mona Gender)

Wut Up! Interview with The Beat Dolls! Very cool Austin based punk band that shared their experience as a band and music writing. This is a band you definitely want to catch live, lot’s of power and energy! Thank you Angie, Barry, and Mike for allowing us to dive into the Beat Doll world! Check out the …

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Gal Pals !

Gal Pals- I like to discover new bands that have an instant grove and get me moving! According to Guitarist/Vocalist Lauren Mikus, this was Gal Pals second show, there was no way I would have never have been able to tell! Gal Pals are a Drum / Guitar / Vocals Punkish Indie band with a static …

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