5 Years and Counting! 3.11.2012

I would like to express my love and gratitude to the wonderful people that have made this little project expand and keep going.

A little over 5 years ago I wanted to launch a small Blog/Podcast to document all things music and really did not have a clue on how to go about it. My idea was to encompass different perspectives on a Do It Yourself (DIY) punk style online zine.  Living in Austin, the music capital of the world, made access to music very easy. I remember talking to my friend Luis Martinez (Horse Plus Donkey) who encouraged me to go through with it, he said , “just do it” so here we are!

About a week before our launch I showed my friend Mona Gender a draft of what I wanted to do and she was instantly on board. Her contribution has taken us to a different level. She introduced Nick and Amanda from San Diego who contributed early on, especially on our Blast Off! podcast. Mona who had a job at the time that would send her across the country and she would interview bands or people and ask them about their perspective on music. This started a new direction for our little project.

When Mona moved to El Paso, she brought together a collaboration of some of the most awesome women who have brought their own originality when interviewing music artist. Carleigh Venus, Mona Gender, Kitty Kat Star and Malicia La Negra are totally genuine and I am eternally grateful for their contribution. Last but not least Jaz! Thank you Jaz for your video production, they are truly a piece of art!

I get to hangout with two live music enthusiast who have become great friends! Greg Ackerman and Sonya Hernandez have this crazy love for live music and I totally understand! Live in the moment! Greg Ackerman is one of the coolest dudes who knows EVERYTHING about what is going on in Austin. Greg you are a great mentor. Thanks for the cigarettes!  Sonya thank you for all that you do!  You are the most hardcore! So many shows! Here is to new adventures! I love both of you! Your support has been incredible!

It wasn’t until about 2 years after we launched that I started filming shows. It’s cool way to capture the moment. I think of it like a giant collection of bootleg videos you would get from record stores when VHS existed. Our channel content contains all of the interviews, live video and playlist. Our YouTube channel currently has 158 live videos, you can check it out on our page at YouTube.TheCosmicClash.com.

Thank you to all the musicians and artists who create! To all the venues too! It is awesome! You are why we do this!

Peace out!

Mike Cosmic

March 11, 2012




Crocodile Tears, Moving Panoramas, Sweet Spirit @ Barracuda

Spacetime is a tangled web of a four dimensional continuum. I can’t seem to keep track at what speed anything is traveling. I suppose it is all an illusion and I am mesmerized by its grandeur and can’t keep my eyes off of it.

But then again I could just be making excuses for my procrastination!

Okay, so let’s get on with it!

The Cosmic Clash has some cool videos featuring Crocodile Tears, Moving Panoramas, and Sweet Spirit.

Thank you David Olivenbaum for being the second set of eyes!

Crocodile Tears

I met Rudy back in El Paso when there were no borders and the drugs were plentiful! That is the extent of my humor. But for real, Rudy has always been an awesome songwriter and plays with some pretty amazing guys. Crocodile Tears reminds me of that late 60’s, 70’s, Thin Lizzy sound. Crocodile Tears is bad ass on stage and their Rock n Roll won’t let you down.

Crocodile Tears     .     Facebook   .   Bandcamp


Moving Panoramas

Once in awhile I get into a listening frenzy and will listen to album after album. My morning routine usually involves the stereo before coffee and at work the first thing I do is put on my headphones.

There are times when an album catches my ear and I put it on repeat for like a week. It could be the lyrics that I find poetic or it could be that sound that interacts with my soul.

Moving Panorama’s album One, is one of those albums. From open to close it is an awesome piece of art and most definitely needs to be in your collection.

Aside from the album, Leslie Sisson is totally one of my favorite rock stars! She hangs with the best like Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Karen O, or Siouxsie Sioux.  Leslie’s stage antics and interactions with the crowd are superb. Her performance at Barracuda was awesome! I loved how she let the sound of her guitar fill up the room while she interacted with her band during the song Harmony. She put on a rock star experience by banging her guitar to keep the sound going!

Start the video at 8:49 and you will see what I mean.

I also caught The Moving Panoramas at a show at Cheer-up Charlies where she played a couple of new songs! Yay! She even let me keep the playlist!


Moving Panoramas     .     Facebook   .   Soundcloud


Sweet Spirit

Sweet Spirit is one of those bands that leaves you in a daze wondering what the hell just happened. Lead singer Sabrina Ellis kills it everytime, it is like watching an explosion slowly unraveling then engulfing the entire scene. She is a staple in the Austin scene and I dare say one of the best in the country. With an eight member band you can imagine the manifestation of energy that was in the room. Sweet Spirit had the crowd cheering, jumping around and singing along.  I recommend to catch them at a live show, but you have to be in the midst of the crowd to get a sense of the craziness.

Check out their performance at Barracuda.

Video by David Olivenbaum.

Sweet Spirit     .     Facebook   .   Bandcamp

Otis The Destroyer, The Continuums @ Lamberts

Lamberts – Conquered

One of The Cosmic Clash’s contributor and really good friend, Sonya Hernandez, invited me to go check out Otis the Destroyer at Lamberts on October of 2016. I was totally stoked since she knew that I’ve been wanting to check them out for a while. Otis the Destroyer did not disappoint as they delivered a powerful performance and went for the kill. You got to check out their 4 song, Belushi EP on Bandcamp.

I was also impressed with Lambert’s very chill lounge setup located on the second floor.  A venue I  would totally want to hangout at again. 

Otis the Destroyer    .     Facebook    .   Bandcamp


While waiting for the headliner we also caught Austin based, The Continuums who delve into many aspects of music such  as traditional rock to that psychedelic feel. Their facebook bio describes them as ” a grab-your-girl-and-a-sixpack-and-groove kind of band.”

The Continuums have great stage presence and keep you engaged with their performance and music.

The Continuums    .     Facebook    .   Soundcloud

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Sluur, Lake of Fire, Nalgadas @ Hotel Vegas (El Paso Invades)

El Paso Invades Austin!


Yes it is true, El Paso invaded Austin with it’s special forces and gave everyone some much needed Nalgadas!

Not to mention that Sluur left everyone shoegazed till there was nothing left but a Lake of Fire!


Ladies and gents, Sluur is one of my favorite live bands with a shoegazey feel that has a touch of that post punk groove. Their sound sinks into my soul leaving me mesmerized and feeling pretty chill.

Check out Sluur’s release, Choice, is available on Bandcamp.

Sluur      .      Facebook   .   Bandcamp


Fortunately there are bands out there that help me feel alive and untouchable. Give me PUNK ROCK any day! Nalgadas most definitely live up to their name, Leo Lara’s (Chief) crazy fucking drumming and Rat Benatar’s thundering vocals!  I love me some Nalgadas!

Nalgadas    .     Facebook    .   Bandcamp


Lake of Fire aka (Lago De Fuego) I believe was originally from El Paso but has since relocated to Austin, TX.  Last time I saw Lake of Fire was at 2016’s SXSW show at Stay Gold. (The Cosmic Clash SXSW Post, Lake of Fire). Their Facebook describes their Genre as an amalgamation. Lake of Fire is definitely an amalgamation that comes out psychedelically beautifully. Check out their Fire Friendly EP on Bandcamp.

Lake of Fire    .     Facebook   .   Bandcamp

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Mobley, Shivery Shakes and MCG @ Spider House 20 Year Anniversary

Well It’s time to stop procrastinating and start posting some of the awesome performances.

Spiderhouse 20th Anniversary

Let’s start with one of Austin’s superb bands MCG.

Mariclaire Gamble, if you ever read this,you and the gentlemen (David Tenczar, Andrew Bennett, Drew SIlverman, Jay Cesak) are pretty dope! I don’t know if anyone uses that word anymore… anyway.. . Here is looking back at 2016.

MCG     .     Facebook    .   Official


While trying to get through the crowd from one stage to another, I was able to catch the last song from the Shivery Shakes. These gentlemen have been around for a bit and they never fail to give an energetic performance.

Shivery Shakes      .     Facebook    .   Bandcamp


Mobley is a multi instrumental genius whose beats, guitar riffs, and vocals are spot on. Mobley has so much going on throughout his performance, it’s insane. Without further delay, Mobley’s intro.

Mobley     .     Facebook    .     Official


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